Print Management

Our Print Management Services are designed to help you take control of your fleet of devices   and make smart decisions that will reduce costs, enhance collaboration, manage documents more efficiently, control access, strengthen security, manage consumables and provide ongoing support and maintenance.

Document Management

This category provides the capability to manage, share and secure paper, electronic and digital documents. These features enable you to control costs, increase efficiencies and better communicate, while reducing risk and helping to meet higher standards of compliance and business continuity.


Device Management

Includes software-based solutions and services focused on reducing the cost and improving the return on investment for deploying networked office equipment. Such technologies provide automated device management–based services and simplify the process of managing and servicing  network-based  output devices.

Output  Management

Includes solutions for tracking, measuring and monitoring document output to workgroup office equipment,  as  well  as  security-based  solutions  that  prevent  unauthorized access to  outputdevices and related information. Additional solutions in this category include technologies that intelligently process and format legacy and database-driven streams of information to distributed workgroup environments, providing support for advanced distributed printing   applications.

Capture and Workflow

This category includes scan-based document capture and routing applications as well as frontend workflow applications, particularly those enabled via a networked workgroup multifunctional peripheral or scanner.

Document Solutions

Print Management.

Our productivity-boosting solutions are custom-tailored for your business to provide more efficient management of device resources, which

can cut costs by as much as 40%, virtually overnight.


  • Increases efficiency and distribution of existing hardware devices

  • Simplifies service contracts

  • Consolidates document management systems

  • Tracks and manages office assets and personnel who use them

  • Provides comprehensive fleet optimization analysis

  • Utilizes Six Sigma™ methodology

Document Management

DocuWare, a global ECM leader, offers complete document management via cloud, on-premise or a hybrid-cloud solution. Known for highly secure, scalable, easy-to-integrate and future-proof technologies, DocuWare is available in 16 languages.


key benefits

  • Automate business process for increased productivity and improved customer service

  • Digitally handle workflow for optimum efficiency and transparency 

  • Appropriate for all document types regardless of their source 

  • Compatible with Toshiba multifunctional devices 

  • Easy to install and train on

DocRecord 5 is an all-inclusive and easy-to-use EDMS application providing advanced data capture, e-Forms and workflow. It is priced simply by the number of users.


key benefits

  • All-inclusive and easy-to-use application

  • Priced simply by the number of users

  • Advanced data capture and automated filing

  • Comprehensive e-Forms 

  • Workflow and automated processing

Drivve | DM is an award-winning, browser-based document management system that delivers comprehensive functionality and certified security through an intuitive user interface. Key features include workflow, document conversion, retention policies and rules-based routing.


key benefits

  • Helps organizations control their files and documents in an easy-to-use way 

  • Low entry cost and investment and cost-effective scalability

  • Increased information accessibility

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Increased security and disaster readiness

PaperCut MF embedded print management software tracks and controls print, copy, scan and fax on Toshiba MFPs. Monitor printing, manage quotas, implement charging, secure confidential documents with hold and release queues for precise management of device resources. Supporting all operating systems, PaperCut    is used in over 112 countries by more than 50,000 sites across education, government and business in 25+ languages.


key benefits

  • Secure confidential documents and release anywhere via Find Me printing 

  • View and report on usage by location and device 

  • Easily import and sync users and groups from your directory

  • Define user access rights, page costs and quotas

  • Control account, bill or charge every copy, print, scan and fax with ease

Output Management

Nuance Equitrac print management software reduces the costs and complexities of managing print environments, while ensuring users can simply and securely print what they need, when they need it. You get complete accountability to better control costs and security, all of which equals a reduced burden on IT and a smaller hit on corporate budgets.



key benefits

  • Secure print workflows—available to every user at all locations—and automated enforcement of print policies reduce the risk of information loss and/or security breaches

  • Clear visibility into print usage and behavior through real-time tracking and reporting of all print activity—from the desktop to the printer—enables fact-based management decisions around printing costs and ROI

  • Fewer print-related help desk calls mean that IT resources can remain focused on revenue-generating activity

  • Lower the total cost of printing and ensure that all print costs are allocated to the appropriate budget and/or  project

  • Employees can do their jobs faster by providing anytime/anywhere access to print resources and integrating print workflows with business  processes

Pharos Blueprint Enterprise is an easy-to-implement, manageable and  highly customizable way for you to understand exactly what your organization   is spending on print, and to then turn that knowledge into significant and measurable savings for your company.


key benefits

  • Discover and locate print devices 

  • Create a baseline profile of the printing environment

  • Determine level of asset optimization

  • Identify underutilized devices

  • Determine total print and copy accounting costs, as well as cost-savings scenarios

  • Measure optimization results

  • Manage print environments

Our print driver management platform gives you centralized management of every printer in your entire organization—regardless of whether you have one physical location or a hundred sites. From a single pane of glass, you can manage any printer using an intuitive web-based console, create new printers and deploy  them to end users automatically.



key benefits

  • Centralized print driver management

  • Self-service installation portal

  • Eliminate print servers

  • Advanced features including pull and mobile printing

Mobile Print Solutions

With the prevalence of employees and visitors bringing their own mobile devices to the office, mobile printing is more popular than ever and becoming a necessity for the office. Toshiba offers multiple ways to support your mobile printing needs, providing flexibility while increasing productivity. Users can print to the Toshiba MFP from anywhere using their mobile devices.*


key benefits

  • Print from anywhere at any time

  • Print from a PC, Mac, iOS or Android device without the need of a print driver

  • Supports BYOD

  • Increases productivity

  • Provides flexibility

* In the case of Google Cloud Print, the MFP must be registered with a Google account. With Google Cloud Print, users can print to the registered MFP from anywhere using their mobile devices as long as the registered MFP is connected to the internet. e-BRIDGE Print and Capture, AirPrint, and Mopria require the mobile device and MFP to be on the same network.

Capture and Workflow

Nuance AutoStore is a server-based application which orchestrates the capture and secure delivery of paper and electronic documents into business applications. Whether you’re handling invoices, claims, applications or order forms, AutoStore can automate your document-driven business processes to help lower costs; improve operational efficiency, communication and collaboration; and support compliance with laws and regulations.


key benefits

  • Speeds the flow of information, sending documents and data securely to the right business applications for immediate  processing 

  • Captures both paper and electronic documents from virtually any source

  • Delivers data and documents instantly to one or multiple destinations,  including PCs, fax applications, line of business applications, email, FTP sites, network folders and archives, as well as document management  systems

  • Reduces paper forms by capturing, processing and routing data and documents into business workflows, eliminating the need for paper-based forms

  • Saves time and improves data accuracy by eliminating manual document handling

PSIGEN provides advanced document capture solutions that focus on automation and efficiency. PSIcapture is a desktop or server based product  that imports from folders, dedicated scanners or any MFP device. PSIfusion is   a web-based capture application that provides a simple browser interface for Indexing and Quality Assurance.


key benefits

  • Integration with 60+ ECM repositories and formats

  • Automatic document classification, OCR and automated data extraction

  • Form and survey processing

  • Automated barcode routing

  • Deep feature set to provide for any customer capture need

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